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Ah, But Your Land Is Beautiful

Ah, But Your Land Is Beautiful - Alan Paton

It took me three serious tries to get into this book.  I finally finished it for the first time this morning.


Each time I started reading it, I just could not get into the subject matter.  It's a beautifully written book, and once I made the commitment, I enjoyed the writing style of the author and how he weaved tidbits of a tapestry together.  Unfortunately the tales he tells is of South Africa in the 1950's and honestly, it sounded like it was a hellish place to live.


I apologize to anyone from South Africa, but whenever I read or hear stories about your country, I cringe.  The history of racism, the anger, the cruelty, the denial of human rights, the killing of people and dreams.  It just leaves me cold.


This book is no exception and is another example of people gone wrong.  I am a Christian and believe that racism is a sin.  It can be the sin of an individual, a people group, or a country.  Nothing good ever comes out of apartheid.  Nothing. 


Even after reading several books on South Africa, I still don't understand their culture or history.  This people group doesn't like that people group, etc etc etc.  It's depressing and sad.