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Abandoned Books: Under The Dome

Under the Dome: A Novel - Stephen King

Yes, yes, well my first attempt at a Stephen King novel did not go well.


I started Under The Dome with high hopes since it didn't sound super scary and the whole idea of a town getting trapped under a mysterious dome sounded really interesting to me.


For you Stephen King fans, don't be upset with me.  Horror is not my usual genre and one I never read much, so I am hard to please.  Stephen King is such a popular writer and from what I read he is a GOOD writer.  This book just wasn't my thing.


For one, it seemed to long and drawn out.  I wanted it to move along and learn what this mysterious dome was and how the citizens of the town would react.  I felt the characters were a little too stereotypical for me and I didn't get attached to any of them.  I didn't care about them, so as things got drawn out, I found myself really uninterested in what would happen. 


I read about 21% into this book on my kindle before I gave up.


I haven't given up totally on Stephen King.  I still want to read Misery or The Shining!