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"Do you know that books smell like nutmeg or some spice from a foreign land?" - Fahrenheit 451

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If I were a screenwriter, I would love to focus on writing screenplay adaptations from books.


Some movies end up better than the book, some about the same and some movies mysteriously end up even better than the book.  Some are different and yet can stand in both media forms on their own.


After finishing, "Never Let Me Go," I decided to immediately check out the movie. 


The screenplay is based very much on the book and they did a really good job bringing this story to life.  The frustrating mysteriousness of the story was well done and the emotional focus on the characters pushed the story forward.


My favorite scene was when the men brought the "bumper crop" boxes of broken toys and bits of left over things from other people's lives into Halisham.  The contrast of their faces, knowing the truth and the child clones who were literally jumping for joy over the junk somehow was the one point where the clone's lives intersect with the wider world.


Other scenes such as the one where Ruth finally completes are haunting as well.  While I don't think the author necessarily wrote this book to address stem cell research and cloning specifically, I do hope that this movie would make people think about the ethics and terrible possibilities of cloning humans.