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"Do you know that books smell like nutmeg or some spice from a foreign land?" - Fahrenheit 451

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I'm Here

Wow, here I am on booklikes.com.  This is new for me and I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. 


I'm here to try it out and see what happens.  I feel this is kind of like tumblr/facebook/pinterest/goodreads/blogger on book steroids.  That's all not necessarily a bad thing.


Basically what I want to do is keep a journal of the books I read and have a little blogging interaction with others who love books.  I tried to start a book blog on blogger but it was A LOT of work and couldn't keep it up. My problem is I start reading and writing down what I read and then have to comment and write about everything and I need to read more and more and more books and then the competitive part of me takes over and, well.....


I hope this will be a slower place.  I am just going to write and comment on the books I want to write about.  Hopefully, less posts, but deeper posts. 


Here it goes!